Never miss any NFT Claim or WL Raffle again!

Get Push-Notifications for the NFT Collections you own – and never miss any Airdrop, Claim, or WL Opportunity again.

How It Works

 Choose the Collections you want to get a Notifications when a Claim, Airdrop or WL Raffle is about to start.


Subscripe to your NFT Collection


Choose on which Channel you get Notification


Profit from your Claims, Airdrops and WL Raffles

Clone X

Pixel Vault – Punks Comic

What Our Clients are Saying

„Thanks to the Notifications i haven’t missed lots of claims and made around 2 ETH Profit.“

Gina Hopkins

I got a few NFT projects – so its hard to keep updated. But with the help of NFTalerts I have never missed any WL Raffles my loved NFTs qualified for.

Christopher Meier

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