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Whether sales, marketing or existing customer management – with the right CRM, everything can be combined on one platform.

With a CRM customized to your needs, your entire company will save time and achieve far better results at the same time.

Maybe you know this …

You contact leads without knowing how often they have been called and what has been discussed with them.
Controlling your sales and marketing activities turns out to be difficult due to different platforms and missing records.
Automated processes and workflows are incorrect or non-existent in your current system.
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Individuell Strategie Konzept marketing service support Hubspot CRM

When InnoONE builds your CRM in HubSpot with you …

Your leads are segmented and you know at any point in time how far the interaction with your lead has progressed.
Automation and workflows: A prospect fills out a lead form and automatically appears in your system. The prospect receives an email and a new task is set for sales – All in less than 150 seconds!
Or imagine you send a special email to existing customers. Your customer out of interest clicks on a link in the email, then the sales department gets a notification in real time that now would be the perfect time to call the lead.
Transform your marketing and sales departments to grow profitably!
Signs that your company will benefit from a new CRM or modernization of your current CRM:

Lead Generation

You are already generating targeted leads and want to segment them or expand lead generation more.

Too much data

You have difficulty distributing the amount of customer data optimally among employees, or employees do not store events independently.

Optimization potential

You do not see exactly which colleague, what exactly, has discussed with a lead. This means that promising contacts cannot be reliably identified.

Controlling & Tracking

Your controlling and tracking is on different platforms or there is a lack of insight on the results of marketing and sales activities.
Does one or even more of these signs apply to your company? We are happy to support you in setting up or renewing your CRM.

Save time and money with the right CRM now!

The right CRM helps to shorten sales cycles and sustainably increases customer loyalty.
150+ companies already trust InnoONE
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Advantages of working with a HubSpot partner

With HubSpot, it’s essential to set the right focus from the start so that both short-term and long-term goals are achieved.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are very familiar with HubSpot. This enables us to analyze your internal processes and optimally transfer them to HubSpot. We place a special focus on the automation of processes to optimize the internal efficiency of your sales.

HubSpot Partner CRM

Why HubSpot?

120,000 companies worldwide trust HubSpot.
HubSpot combines marketing, sales and service on one platform.
Simple and efficient processes.
HubSpot is designed to optimize the productivity of your team.
All analytics & KPIs collected in one place.
HubSpot Flywheel CRM Kreislauf Customer Relationship Management
HubSpot Vertrieb CRM Lösung

Sales Hub

CRM solution for the digital sales process

Enables more control and better management of sales activities. From first contact to deal closing.

Drive more leads while saving time

Sales Hub provides insights into your leads’ behavior. Identify suitable prospects with accuracy. Set up automated outreach campaigns to which follow-ups are automatically triggered and sent.

Get into the conversation faster

Through lead scoring, identify which lead is ready for a sales call. Share your availability and easily find an appointment.

Sales Pipeline

Manage the different stages of the sales process and create reports effortlessly.
HubSpot CRM Marketing Lösung Bekanntheit

Marketing Hub

Content Marketing and SEO

Create relevant and engaging content for your content strategy and post it on your social media channels. With the appropriate SEO measures, you can be found even better.

Email campaigns

Set up individualized email campaigns that suit you and convince your customers.

Landing pages and CTAs

Create engaging landing pages with forms or attractive conversion elements to convert your website visitors into customers.

Analytics and reports

Create reports and analytics to understand which actions are really working.

Retaining existing customers is on average 5 times cheaper than acquiring new ones.

With a CRM, you’re not only investing in a fast first sales cycle, but you’re investing in customer relationships at the same time.
150+ companies already trust InnoONE
Transform your marketing and sales to grow profitably!

Our Proven Approach

01. Consulting

We start with an analysis of the current situation. Thereupon, goals are defined and a strategy is worked out.
Current situation
Next steps

02. Onboarding

We continue with an introduction to the topic and the strategic setup of a new system with predictable objectives.
HubSpot basic setup
Structure of the system

03. Implementation

In this step, HubSpot is technically set up. Implementation by our team is optional and can be done by you if required.
Technical implementation
Setup of campaigns and workflows
Active target tracking

04. Support and Training

As an official partner of HubSpot, we are always available to answer your questions. We can train your employees on how to use HubSpot.
Active support
Training of employees
Partner of HubSpot
Case studies

The results of our Customers

The Professionals

The roof cleaning professionals professionally clean roofs in the region of Rostock, Berlin, Magdeburg and Leipzig with high quality and the appropriate materials.


No central system in which to collect the leads’ data. Much of the data was collected manually on paper – With several thousand records per month.


To set up a cloud-based system that enables digital management of contacts.

Result of the collaboration

Clarity was significantly increased and all information is now on one platform. Time-saving automations and workflows that support sales and resulted in ROI and increased revenue were put in place.

Paulus Lager GmbH

Paulus Lager is the first and only warehouse concept in the construction industry. This solution organizes your warehouse so you can spend more time with your customers.


Until now, an old CRM was used in combination with a too complicated funnel. In addition, information was collected in various programs without a clear structure.


The goal of the collaboration was a complete restructuring of the CRM and the implementation of pipeline management measures. In addition, a digitalization of the marketing and sales process was targeted.

Result of the collaboration

A successful implementation of the project, so that marketing and sales now run completely digitally and all information can be accessed via software.
Who we are

Why can you trust InnoONE?

Experts just waiting to put their skills to work for you to establish you as #ONE in your industry.

We act as one to maximize results. With us on your side, you don’t need any other agencies.

We have a proven track record of using all of our methods for our own growth. Whether in marketing, sales or recruitment. We aim to create great results for our partners with passion, seriousness and innovative marketing.

Building authentic, value-driven relationships with potential clients, ensures they get to know, like and trust you.

Our role in helping customers is to enable you to build those relationships.

We accomplish this by removing the frustrations of technology, with the full support of our team of experts.

To become the #ONE, speed is critical because your competition never sleeps.

Not convinced yet? Let us talk!

Make sure you get satisfied customers who will recommend you from the start.

Customers who “celebrate” your marketing & sales process, or are delighted with your service, provide lasting referrals and yourb revenue increases.
150+ companies already trust InnoONE


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to become #ONE?

We help you grow to #ONE very quickly through field-proven marketing & sales processes. Marketing is not about “tricking” customers. It’s about delivering the right message to the right people at the right time… for a proper ROI.

Do you also offer consulting services?

Yes, we also advise our clients and support them as a sparring partner to dominate LinkedIn and other online channels. Companies from a wide range of industries and even other agencies take advantage of our consulting services.

150+ companies already trust InnoONE