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LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

Inbound and outbound measures – two strategies for your marketing.

Our goal with an outbound strategy is to proactively connect you with your target audience, increase brand awareness and brand recognition without the need to spend on advertising. This way, we organically expand your reach to thus generate customer inquiries via relevant content. With an inbound strategy, your reach is expanded in a completely automated way by running targeted ad campaigns on LinkedIn. Your brand message is then communicated directly with your target audience. This strengthens brand awareness and the trust of your target group. In this way, you gain additional high-quality customer inquiries and employees.

LinkedIn Marketing Components

Always reach your target audience with the right messages.

LinkedIn Social Selling

We proactively connect you with your target audience and build relationships with decision makers. This creates brand awareness and increases your brand visibility without the need to spend on advertising.

LinkedIn Ads

Through ads on LinkedIn, your brand message is shared with your target audience. This builds brand awareness and you gain high-value customer leads.

LinkedIn Content

Probably the most important factor in a successful B2B marketing strategy. Since we all search and find information online, the company with the most valuable content wins the most customers and becomes the #ONE in the industry.

LinkedIn Statistics

See for yourself why LinkedIn marketing is so effective


of the most successful sales reps rate the quality of marketing leads as “excellent” or “good”.


of B2B customer acquisition occurs on LinkedIn.


of sales reps who use social selling are more successful than their peers who do not.

more conversions through LinkedIn than with Facebook or Twitter.
LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn Social Selling

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads communicate your brand message with your target audience. This builds brand awareness and you gain high-value customer inquiries.

1. Business Analysis

We find out what goals are really important to you, what results you want to achieve and who your target audience is.

2. Concept Development

We create your individual performance concept. Our team will develop the ideal campaign strategy for you.

3. Campaign Creation

Measurable and clear ads are created for you that communicate your brand message.

4. Campaign Launch

The ads are published and broadcast to your relevant target audience.

5. Campaign Optimization

We measure, monitor and optimize your campaigns to get the best results for you.

Increased brand awareness and customer inquiries

Your brand awareness increases and you receive new customer inquiries automatically.

LinkedIn Social Selling

You proactively connect with your target audience and build relationships with decision makers, increasing brand awareness and awareness without the need to spend on advertising.


1. Classify your target audience

Using efficient search and research tools, we identify your active target audience on LinkedIn.

2. Expansion of your network

We expand your network by 1500 relevant decision makers and CEOs from your target group.

3. News Campaign

Our creative messaging campaign is personalized to you and creates a dialogue between you and the decision makers.

4. Information and status

The tracking tool automatically stores information and statuses from your prospects.

5. Content Strategy

With the content strategy you receive from us, you activate your target group and build relationships further.

Result: you receive customer inquiries

LinkedIn contacts write you a message and request your service.

It’s time to learn about our LinkedIn methods.

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100+ companies already trust InnoONE

Customer reviews

Customers we have helped grow through LinkedIn marketing

More than 100 companies have already increased their customer inquiries or employee acquisition and revenue significantly with our help. Especially in the SaaS and tech industry, it is important to have a partner on your side who can properly promote complex and extensive offers. This is the only way you will have the opportunity to grow sustainably.

85% more leads through LinkedIn Ads after only 2 months! With no change in ad spend!

A 6-figure order volume was generated after the first few months of the collaboration.

Marketing campaigns that generate new customer inquiries for Moovin month after month.

How an IT company won high-value contact leads using LinkedIn.

Who we are

The most prestigious B2B partner agency for IT, SaaS and Tech companies.

Experts just waiting to put their expertise to work for you to establish you as #1 in your industry.
We act as one to maximize results. With us on your side, you don’t need any other agencies. You have one point of contact, (Growth Manager) who will manage your project and keep you growing.

We want to create great results for our partners with passion, seriousness and innovative marketing. Building authentic, value-driven relationships with potential customers ensures they get to know, like and trust you. Our role in helping our clients is to combine marketing and sales so that your brand gets noticed.

Customer reviews

What customers say about working with InnoONE

I can highly recommend InnoONE for companies that want to become more successful and efficient in digital marketing and sales. In collaboration, we have built a channel for us to efficiently acquire customers on LinkedIn. Also, thanks to Maurice and Albert, we were able to make the whole process from marketing to customer acquisition more efficient and successful. Thank you very much!

Konstantin Shcherbina, CEO

SKYI 31 GmbH

With InnnONE, we have the opportunity to sell our software exactly according to customer needs. As a fast-growing software company, we need a strong partner who can keep up with our growth.

Dirk Hartwig, Sales Manager

Integra Internet GmbH

InnoONE was able to help us achieve our goals in a very short time. We were very well taken care of. Additional inquiries and clarifications were handled quickly and in a goal-oriented manner. We are very satisfied!

Johannes Hahn, CEO


Great cooperation! We were able to achieve our national and international goals with InnoONE and will continue to rely on their expertise in the future. We absolutely recommend them.

Enrico Flückinger, Head of Marketing

Haufe GmbH

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Warum mit uns?

More qualified leads
We test all methods ourselves before we implement them for customers
More awareness in the market
More demand for your offer
Positioning as market leader
100% lead guarantee! If you do not gain B2B leads from your target group – Then you do not pay a cent for our service!
Real results and great ROI
No standardized solution, but individual concepts

100+ companies already trust InnoONE


Frequently asked questions

How do I know what is happening with my campaigns?

You will have access to the marketing dashboard where you can see exactly your budget spend, metrics and campaigns.

Do you also offer consulting services?

Yes, we also consult with our clients and act as sparring partners to help them dominate LinkedIn and other online channels. Many agencies and other industries also take advantage of our consulting services.

100+ companies already trust InnoONE