CC Management Consulting GmbH


Duration of cooperation:
continuous since March 2021

LinkedIn ads, marketing and sales automation

Case Study: CC Management Consulting GmbH

A 6-digit order volume has been generated after the first months of cooperation.

In this case study we show you how we solved the challenges of CC Management Consulting GmbH with our innovative marketing approach.

The managing directors are experienced specialists who are now combining their more than 20 years of industry expertise – including for Telekom – and their wide-ranging IT know-how. New locations and rapid growth bring challenges. LinkedIn is new territory for the company, but they still want to expand their expertise and use this channel to gain additional customers for their software solution in the greater Hamburg area and increase their reach.

Aim of the collaboration:

  • Generate qualified customer inquiries and be one step ahead of the competition with the help of LinkedIn Integra. Internet Management GmbH
  • increases the reach and visibility and attracts new employees as a result



Over 200 leads in 6 months and the first orders have already been generated from this.
After 6 months, 8 new customers were acquired.
Reach and awareness in the target group measurably increased.
The sales cycle could be shortened by approx. 30%.
2 new developers hired within 3 months

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