SaleSphere GmbH


Duration of cooperation:
Dec. 2020 – Dec. 2021

Consulting and lead generation

Case study: SaleSphere GmbH

How Salesphere, an IT company, gained high-quality contact leads through LinkedIn.

In this case study, we show you how we solved SaleSphere’s challenges through our innovative marketing approach.
SaleSphere GmbH is a subsidiary of mVISE AG. mVISE is a medium-sized, listed IT company that supports companies in all industries in the course of digital transformation with technological knowledge and a specially developed integration platform to future-proof your existing business models and at the same time define new business models. With your sales software you want to break new sales records and sell several thousand licenses

Goal of the collaboration:

Collect enough qualified leads in the first 3 months, with the potential to sell at least 2,000 licenses from these leads.


With the implementation of a new explanatory video and the targeted insertion of ads to the target audience, the number of leads increased significantly.
After the first month, the goal was already achieved. Multiple qualified leads with high potential.

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