Vuframe GmbH

IT-Services und IT-Consulting

Duration of cooperation:
Seit Januar 2021

LinkedIn ads, marketing and sales automation, consulting, creative and video creation, Google ads

Case study: VuFrame GmbH

Automated 5-7 new inquiries per week and closed the first customers after 2 months.

In this case study, we show you how we solved VuFrame’s challenges through our innovative marketing approach.
Vuframe® creates interactive product visualizations and virtual product demonstrations. To demonstrate your products with intelligent, interactive 3D visualizations anywhere, anytime.


Sales cycles at Vuframe are relatively long. In other words, it often takes 6-18 months before the software solution is deployed. Once the benefits and added value were clearly understood by potential customers, prospects were eager to use the solution. Vuframe had the challenge of communicating the benefits in a way that new prospects would understand immediately. Furthermore, it was not clear which channel should be used primarily for online activities to ensure the most effective outcome.

Goal of the collaboration:

More inquiries from prospects who have already engaged with the topics in advance and show a higher interest in buying. Selecting the right online channels with a sustainable strategy.



After only 6 weeks, the first demo appointments were already held with qualified prospects. Presentation appointments were more concrete and the sales team closed faster. Additionally, existing customers became aware of the marketing and reached out to Vuframe about it – boosting referral business.

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